Season 3: That Asia life

I have known since 2013 that I was going to go to Asia in 2015 for a wedding.  The Facebook wedding invite came out in mid to late 2013 so that the group could start planning the trip and ensuring that they saved up enough vacation and money for this trip. Other than knowing that Thailand would be the bachelor party and Taiwan would be the wedding, no one knew what the plans actually were but everyone was targeting a full 2 weeks of vacation for this trip. 2 weeks of shenanigans. Terrifying right? 100% correct.

The planning for this trip was something I talked about previously and it was an experience to say the least. That being said, most people went rogue (including me) in terms of what they planned for this trip.

I coordinated with two other friends for our trip so that we would start out in Vietnam, connect with the 14 other friends in Thailand and then travel with them all to Taiwan for the wedding.  And thus began my Asia life.

This season of Winny’s travels will be documenting the Asia adventure that included 16 other awesome people, amazing food, amazing sights and a whole new adventure. Pack your bags and get ready to join me on this adventure!IMG_6256


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