Traveling: Motion sickness

Confession.  I get motion sick all the time.  So much so that flying can trigger it for me.  It’s interesting to think about because I’ve been on my fair share of airplanes and this is actually a very interesting thing for me.  I never had issues on airplanes and I can actually pinpoint the exact plane ride that may have started it for me.  I was coming back from my trip in Taiwan in 2011 and I felt fine the entire ride.  All of the sudden we hit some turbulence, my temperature rose and I felt light headed.

I’ve only ever had this feeling one other time and the other time I stupidly stood up and tried to walk outside to get fresh air.  I woke up to my head in someone’s lap, someone taking my blood pressure and a cold compress on my forehead.  I had fainted in the middle of my friends performance in front of the entire audience.

You’d think I would have learned my lesson, but I didn’t.  I asked the people next to me if I could move past them to get to the bathroom to get some water.  I apparently thought that I would be okay because I was two seats from the bathroom.  The next thing I knew, I was laying on the floor of the airplane (gross) with a stewardess staring at me, another running as fast as she could with a cup of water and a pillow. I can proudly say that I have fainted on an airplane.  The rest of the trip was an experience with people checking up on me and the guy sitting next to me making sure I was okay.

After that, I’ve noticed that I’ve been fairly sensitive to the turbulence.  Not in the sense that it scares me or anything but I definitely feel my temperature rising and I feel really uncomfortable.

I haven’t done many flights since then without the help of Dramamine as a pre-caution but I have my routine to help make sure I am okay.

As soon as I sit down, I open the air vent.  Even if it is cold in the airplane, cold outside or I’m just cold – I need the cold air flow on me.  It helps keep my temperature down and allows me to feel a bit better about having control over the motion sickness.  I try to make myself as comfortable as possible and immediately go to sleep so that I can try to avoid getting sick.  This has been a method of my life since I was a child.  Usually if I don’t feel good, everything shuts down and it takes all my energy to stay awake.  I think I developed this habit from all the car rides as a child. I make sure I do not drink or eat anything within the hour leading up to the flight.  I also time it so that as soon as boarding starts, I make a mad dash to the restroom so I can minimize the amount that I need to move on the airplane.

This helps me keep the motion sickness to a minimum.  But if that stuff doesn’t work, I always have a trusty little tube of Dramamine.

Do you get motion sickness from air travel?  If you have any tips on how to deal with motion sickness in general, I’d love to hear it!


2 thoughts on “Traveling: Motion sickness

  1. sileas says:

    Have you tried those seabands? Although I can’t tell from my own experience, some people say they really work. I don’t like air turbulence either, so I always have a bottle of water and chewing gum with me. Also I like the smell of atheric oils like peppermint or lemon and sometimes listening to your favourite music can be helpful too… Good luck!


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