San Francisco for 24 hours

Sometimes I make really great decisions when I plan my travel. I purposely scheduled my flight back from Prague to ensure that I would make it back to Seattle before the weekend fully started. So, I managed to arrive back in Seattle on a Friday afternoon (didn’t actually leave the airport until after 7PM because of lost luggage) so that I would have time to drop off my luggage, repack and catch another flight.  That’s right.  I caught another flight less than 12 hours of returning to Seattle.  I left Seattle on Saturday morning at 6AM for a flight to San Francisco for a wedding.

You see, I love my friends and weddings a big deal, especially when it’s the wedding of people you adore.  I already missed one wedding while I was in Prague so if I had to miss two then I would be even more sad so I made sure that I did all my travel prior to this wedding because it was actually one that I could find my way to.

I arrived in San Francisco around 8AM and had to find my way to the Los Altos.  The BART and the Caltrain are amazing.  I’ve used the BART before but it has been years.  I ended up buying a $20 card because I thought that I would actually need it for the Caltrain. Note that the Caltrain and the BART do not take the same card system unless you have the actual card for locals (Clipper card).  I got on the BART to the next station from the airport and the had to wait for the Caltrain.  It’s key to realize that on the weekends, the Caltrain only runs every hour so I spent a lot of time sitting at the station in the sun wondering what to do with myself.

I arrived in Los Altos and walked to my hotel. Since I opted not to rent a car and since I’m terrible at planning, little did I realize that the hotel was 15 minutes walking from the Caltrain station, that it was hot and that I had no idea where I was going.  I walked to a local Starbucks, got myself some lunch and then stopped at the Ralph’s nearby to buy my bag of Spicy Puffy Cheetos.  Fun fact, only California has the regular size bags of Spicy Puffy Cheetos.  Seattle only has the grab bags and they’re hard to find.  California has regular sized ones in their grocery stores and it is the most amazing thing ever. I bought my bag of chips and wandered over to the hotel. Checked in, where they warned me that there was no hot water, and then walked over to my room.  I got ready for my friends wedding and then ubered over to the church. This is one of the few times that I’ve gone anywhere where the public transportation isn’t as robust and I don’t have a car so it was an interesting experience.

After the wedding, a small group of us drove over to the reception and danced our night away.  Note that in the smaller cities/suburbs, Ubers really jack up the price when there is high demand.  Not in the same sense as in places like Seattle but because there was a high demand coming from our reception we had our prices increased to Uber.  I was not pleased but I needed to go home and it was late (plus I was suffering from major jetlag).

The next morning, since I didn’t have  a car, my friend Katie picked me up from my hotel.  I checked out a little earlier and ended up sitting on the curb in the parking lot while people drove by me.  We ended up getting brunch and then walking around the city for a bit.  Then I was dropped off at the Caltrain and made my way back to the airport.

San Francisco has always held a special place in my heart and I will always love the city and everything that surrounds it.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to see other neighborhoods that I haven’t been to in awhile and see another side of the city from a different perspective.


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