Episode 25: Prague, the end of my trip.

When our conference finally ended, my friends and I made one final journey out to the world of Prague to say goodbye to the city. I ended my trip with some trdelnik and some final pit stops at places I wanted to see one last time before I went back to the States.

The next day, I woke up for the first time without plans to meet up with my coworkers, collected my things and made my way to the airport. I used the same car service to head back to the airport and this time I had a driver who wanted to make sure I knew all the major sites of Prague before I left.

It was a flat rate car service so he took me on the scenic route through the city pointing out major things as we made our way.  The buildings are fascinating and it was a great way to learn more about the city I had just spent a week in.

Once I got to the airport, it was easy to get my bags checked in and go through passport control. As you are probably well aware, I love seeing how different airports are.  This one didn’t have a security checkpoint that I had to go through immediately.  Instead I went through passport control and then wandered aimlessly around the airport.  When it was time to finally go to my gate, I had to go through security at my gate.  I almost like this better because it’s less people who are going through one security gate and you can actually monitor what’s going on at your gate and they know if they still have passengers who are late.

As we took off, I said goodbye to Prague and prepared myself for the long journey home.


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