Episode 24: Prague food

The next day, our team work up early to go back to Cafe Savoy for breakfast. We had tried to make reservations for the entire group the night before which didn’t work because were were such a big group.  So we decided we’d try our luck and go there first thing in the morning.  It totally worked.  I started my morning with a giant coffee and their signature french toast.


I don’t know what the green fruit was but it was amazing.  If you know what it is, please let me know.

After breakfast, we began work prep.  Nothing too interesting.  This was our last day of fun before our conference started.  One thing about work travel for these conferences is that as soon as the event starts, we don’t get to leave the hotel for about 4 days.  It means 4 days of no fresh air, running around, being super tired and constantly being “on” because you have to be in a good mood around your customers. It’s hard work but so interesting and really provides a different perspective to my job.

We didn’t do too much that day besides work but the main thing that truly made my day was that we decided that as our last adventure would be to actually leave the hotel for lunch. You see, I have developed a strange love of hot dogs while I’m Europe.  I wrote about Icelandic hot dogs and Austrian hot dogs on my last trip, so I have to tell you about the Prague hot dog.

I had spotted the Prague hot dog stand the first day we were wandering around and knew that it was the one thing I had to do before we left. Over the last couple of days we had been exploring the city and I had found a few different places that were all street vendors.  So this day, I suggested we go to a huge plaza near the shopping district that had a market happening. We made our rounds to decide what to eat and I settled on a hot dog stand because obviously.

I choose a hot dog stuffed with sweet red peppers on a baguette.  Yes a baguette.  Hot dog buns in America cannot even compare to how amazing a sausage on a baguette is. All my coworkers followed my lead and we huddled in a circle, silent and eating.  This was probably the simplest meal we could have had and it was potentially my favorite meal. I know that this is a bold statement but I could have lived off of that hot dog.

After that, a few people went and got freshly made potato crisps while I settled on a freshly made Nutella crepe.  I’ve always had crepes folded into a triangle and handed to me to eat but this time it was folded into a rectangle about 2.5 inches wide and placed on a piece of cardboard so that you could fold the cardboard and eat the crepe without obstruction. Best idea ever. 

When we finally had finished our food and our mouth were no longer stuffed, we made our way back to the hotel and began our 4 days of no leaving the hotel.


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