Episode 23: Prague from the bird’s perspective

The second full day we had in Prague was the day for the group to separate and do different activities.  My group decided we needed adventures so our first stop in the morning was to climb the clock tower.  We paid the tickets and began our journey up to the top of the clock tower in Old Town Square.  It’s a bit different than most towers you can climb in Europe because it is a ramp all the way up and then stairs at the very end.  From there, it is an open air platform that you can walk around and get a 360 degree view of the city.  Note: You have to walk counterclockwise.  Keep that in mind if you do this because people get very unhappy with you if you start going the wrong direction or if you move too slow to take photos.  My favorite part of this view is that there is a church in Old Town Square that just looks hidden from the ground.  You can see the top of it but you can’t really figure out how to get into it.  When you’re in the clock tower, you can see that the church was built into one of the buildings already lining the Square.


From there we decided to take some time to people watch in the Old Town Square.  I made sure not to sit anywhere near plants so that I could avoid bees.  At this point in the trip, I was taking allergy pills every day to avoid any additional swelling. We also made sure to see the clock tower performance.  Every hour on the hour the clock tower turns on and there’s a skeleton that rings a bell, the 12 apostles make an appearance and this small performance attracts hundreds of people every hour on the hour.  I must admit, we saw it the night before and it was a bit anti-climatic.  After walking through the clock tower, they have history and information posted along the ramp going up to the top of the tower so we were able to learn more about this clock tower performance.  It made more sense and was more interesting after you better understand what to look for.

After  nice cup of coffee in the sun watching people milling around on a Sunday morning, we made our to the other side of town to meet up with the rest of the group for lunch. After lunch, three of us headed up into the foothills.  You see, while we were in the clock tower, we looked toward the hills and the Prague Castle and we saw what looked like stairs to the top of the hill.  So three of us decided that we needed to go check it out.  After lots of walking, back tracking, adventuring, we discovered that what we assumed were stairs was actually a wall that you cannot climb. After making that discovery, we realized we needed to go to the bathroom before we could adventure back to the city. So we started walking toward Lookout Tower (also known as the fake Eiffel Tower) because as a tourist attraction there should be a bathroom.  When we arrived at the tower, we realized it was actually quite affordable to climb so we decided to do it.

If you are afraid of heights, do not do this.  If you are afraid of climbing 300 stairs without much protecting you from the elements do not do this.  Otherwise, I highly recommend doing this. You see, when we were adventuring we were complaining that we couldn’t get a good view of the city because of all the trees.  I have a theory that the reason why you can’t get a good view is because they are trying to get you to climb the fake Eiffel Tower and man is it worth it.

As you climb the stairs you realize that this spiral staircase of almost 300 stairs is open air and the only thing protecting you is the sparse metal that gives off the vibe of the Eiffel Tower.  As you climb higher and higher, you need to grip your belongings because the wind picks up and you will lose things. It seems like a lot and it is definitely a work out but it is totally worth it.  Once you get to the top, you realize that the observation deck at the top of building has a completely unobstructed view of the entire city of Prague including the Prague Castle and beyond.


If you are afraid of heights, this is not recommended for you. If you can get past your fear, this is 100% worth every minute and the view.

After that hike and adventure to find the tower, we decided we deserved dessert.  Our friend had been raving about this place called Cafe Savoy so we made a stop there to get some dessert.  If you go to Prague, you have to go to Cafe Savoy.  The desserts were phenomenal. Each of us bought a dessert and proceeded to sit outside and devour them.  I had what I believed was a meringue cookie sandwich with a cold chocolate mousse in the middle.  It was small, and probably the best decision I could have made.  Each bite was better than the next.  I actually had no idea what I was getting, I just thought the cookie was really pretty so I bought it.  Sometimes it is okay to judge a book by its cover…

After eating our desserts, we made our way back to the hotel to freshen up for our evening plans.  You see, as a group of 13 people from Seattle, the Seahawks opening game was that night so we had found a bar that was playing the game at 7PM.

We arrived at a small underground bar that had 5 games playing on different TV screens and was packed to the brim with ex-pats in jerseys.  It was probably the best way to enjoy the season opener, even if we did lose.  It was nice to have a little bit of home after 2.5 weeks away.  After the game, we made our way back to the hotel to rest up because the next day would be a full day of prepping.


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