Episode 22: Wandering Prague day 1

Our whole group assembled on Saturday morning to get ready for a journey around the city.  For the weekend we were rolling deep with 13 people for our adventures around the city.

We left our hotel and made our way to the Old Town Square (where I had been traumatized by a bee just a day before), then continued walking along the side streets in the direction of the Charles Bridge.  When I was in London, my friends had mentioned to me that you needed to go to the Charles Bridge earlier in the day because it was one of the biggest tourist attractions in Prague. We got there in the morning, following a tourist group because we actually didn’t know where we were going.  We arrived at the bridge and took our time walking across on our way to the Prague Castle.  This bridge is lined with various statues and connects two parts of the city.


It was a warm but gray door as walked along and since we had headed out earlier in the day, the bridge was still fairly empty.  This bridge has a fantastic view of the city all around.  As we ended our walk along this bridge, we noticed a bunch of people huddled around the end of the bridge looking at something.  We squeezed our way into the crowd and found that there was some sort of filming occurring just under the bridge.  One thing about Prague is that this city has been virtually untouched by the wars that have occurred all around it.  The buildings are in pristine condition and looks like the European cities you see in the movies.  Fun fact, apparently there’s a lot of films that utilize Prague as their backdrop because their buildings carry such a combination of architectural influences and are in such good condition that it’s easier to recreate the necessary backgrounds.

We watched intently hoping that we’d see a sign of someone we recognized so we could later figure out what was being filmed.  Unfortunately after watching a 15 minute set up session for a 30 second shot, we were over it and continued on our journey.

Before making our way up to the Prague Castle, we made a pit stop at the Lennon Wall to take photos.  This is a wall covered in graffiti and is continually changing because of the visitors and the marks left behind.  We did our 13 person photo shoot there and then continued on our way to the Prague Castle.

The Prague Castle is one of the world’s largest castles, and has a beautiful gothic church sitting in the very center of it. We didn’t take a tour to get into the castle because of the line to get in and there were just so many people, but we did make it into the church.  The outside of the church is protected by gargoyles that stare down at you as you walk toward the building.  You can’t make it very far into the church because it is blocked off but it is absolutely breathtaking.  It’s one of those churches that isn’t incredibly ornate inside, but it is the perfect combination of minimalism to equate to overwhelming beauty.

That phone inception yo.

After collecting our troops, we decided it was time for lunch.  My driver had recommended a restaurant that is in a boat permanently located on a boat along the river.  We went there and enjoyed some good beer and Italian food.  One thing to note, if you’re traveling in giant packs of people, Prague is not a good city for trying to do a meal as a giant group.  Another thing, they do not like splitting checks and they are not fans of credit cards.  Be prepared with cash.

When everyone had hit that point of food overload, we wandered back to Old Town Square and separated boys and girls.  The guys went to the pub to drink and the girls went shopping.  We met up again for dinner at the hotel and then while everyone was lounging, my friend and I convinced all 13 people to leave the hotel at 9PM to go find dessert with us.

We headed out to the Old Town Square and found Trdelnik.  It is a bread like dessert that you find at street vendors around Prague.  It is about 2.5 inches in diameter and the outside is a bit crunchy covered in cinnamon sugar, almost like a churro. The inside layer just under the crunchy outside is super gooey bread.  You can eat it just like that or go the extra mile and ask for nutella to be layered on the inside.  As you take a bit, the entire thing begins to unravel and becomes an eating game, especially when you are trying to share it with 12 other people.  We ended our dessert adventure with some gelato and then separated as a group.  A few of us headed out to a bar to enjoy the super cheap local brews and the rest went back home to rest. We only had a day and a half left to play so we had to take full advantage.


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