Episode 21: That Prague life

Prague was also one of those cities that has never really been on my list but I had the opportunity to go there for a conference so how could I say no?

I landed in Prague and from there immediately found my car service to go to my hotel.  One thing to note about Prague is that the taxi’s are not regulated so you need to be careful there. If you decide to use a cab, make sure to use the yellow ones that have the permanent taxi markings on them.  They should also be metered and have their rates posted on them.  But, if you happen to be staying in a hotel that has a car service, you can usually get away with using the car service for cheaper than any taxi to get into the city center.  Our hotel had the taxi service available and it was about $30 one way which is cheaper than my apartment to the airport in Seattle.

I spent the car ride with my driver talking about all the food places I needed to check out and I created my list for my week in Prague.

I arrived at my hotel, dropped off my stuff and met up with my friends.  They had gone through Prague via the Rick Steve’s walking tour app the day before so we had a things they wanted me to see right off the bat. We walked to the Old Town Square that was just down the street from our hotel and stopped at a nice restaurant with outdoor seating.  I saw goulash on the menu with potato cakes which had been something my driver had recommended so I knew that was going to be my lunch. The entire time we were sitting at the restaurant, there were bees flying all around us and we kept trying to swat them away in the most polite way without getting stung.  As our food arrived, my vision semi-blurred.

It didn’t blur because I was so happy about the food. Instead it blurred because a bee was stuck in my eyelashes.  I leaned my head down in a panic and then it happened. I got stung in the face by a bee right under my eye. Right after I pulled the bee from my face, my friend Riley screamed “hold out your hand!” and dropped a Benadryl into my hand.  Riley and her magical purse full of medicine probably saved my face because from there, the bee sting swelled just slightly and then proceeded to fade.

It’s interesting because the only other time I’ve been stung by a bee was in the face under my eye but it might have been other my other eye.

After finishing my meal while trying to avoid touching my bee sting, we wandered around a bit, stopped in the Chocolate Museum and then made our way back to the hotel to meet up with our team for dinner.

Our evening eventually ended with a rooftop dinner at T-Anker which has a great rooftop view of Old Town Prague.  It’s a great place to go if you like beer and good food.  I had a fantastic duck dinner which was amazing. My coworkers had a burger (yes burgers in Prague) and they said it was delicious. So much so that I’m pretty sure we were all silent the entire time during our dinner.

After dinner, it was time to start the relaxation.  We had big plans for the next day…


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