Episode 21: Hounslow and Cheltenham, UK

The next day we headed back to London and stayed in Hounslow for the night.  I’ve never really stayed around that part of town and it was really interesting to get that perspective.  I always go past that portion of the city but never get a chance to explore it.  My coworker and I began wandering around that neighborhood and stumbled upon a cute Indian restaurant called the Jolly Waggoner that happened to be quite empty.  You see, people don’t start eating dinner until much later and we were hungry at 5PM especially since my coworker was jetlagged so she was a little of on her schedule.

We wandered into the restaurant where we were stared at by the two people drinking at the bar because we were asking for dinner menus.  We were seated and the owner promptly stopped by and told us that the chef was on break and wouldn’t be back until 6PM, would we be okay with waiting. Of course! We enjoyed some conversation and then ordered our food promptly at 6.

The restaurant was adorable and the staff was great.  The manager/person in charge that night brought us some special homemade chili paste and offered us up drinks on the house after dinner.  The atmosphere was great because you could have the great quaint restaurant environment and just 10 feet away was the bar where there were TVs and high tables.  Even with the split, it was still quite comfortable and so you could sit wherever you felt more comfortable.

After London, I headed to Cheltenham on my own.  I love this city.  I’ve been there a few times and it’s not the most tourist of locations.  They’re more known for the horse racing and the fact that they are close to Burton on the Water/Cotswolds. The food here is always delicious and it has a bunch of character. If you ever get a chance to go to Cheltenham I would recommend the following:

  • The park in front of the Queens hotel in the center of town. It’s beautiful and a nice break away from a city setting
  • The shopping district
  • Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant 
  • The horse track
  • Zizzi (this is an Italian restaurant in an old converted church and it is beautiful).  This is one place that I always go to every time I visit Cheltenham.

After two full days in the city, I made my way back to Heathrow and prepared myself for my next big adventure…Prague, Czech Republic.


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