Commercial Break: Happy food day!

Boise is always a great place to visit.  I feel like it’s one of those hidden treasures that is always underrated.  When I grew up, and actually I am still not the biggest fan of this city.  But I think it’s because it’s not a big city and I’ve grown up here so I feel like I have seen everything about the city. There are special hidden gems around the city that I love to visit.

Whenever I come home, I have a few places that I have to visit when I’m back.

  • Rembrandts.  This is a church converted to a coffee shop.  It has mismatched furniture and adorable pillows. It’s a locally owned coffee shop with great food and my favorite Mexican Mocha.
  • Flying M. This coffee shop has always held a special place in my heart. I think it’s because deep down I wanted to be a cool kid and the Flying M was where all the artistic cool people in Boise hung out when I was growing up.  So now, I tell myself I’m one of them and I deserve to be there (note that Flying M is really just a local hang out for people on that side of the city while Rembrandts is the local hang out for the west side…)
  • Moxie Java. I love Moxie Java.  It’s another coffee shop and it has delicious drinks. They are quickly becoming few and far between but there’s a nostalgic feel for them because it was one of the few coffee shops open for a few hours on Christmas by the main movie theater.  So on Christmas Day I would get a Moxie Java coffee right after the family movie.  It was tradition.
  • The Record Exchange. This is an independent record store. I love it and I will always love it.
  • Pita Pit. Seattle closed all the Pita Pits so the one in Boise downtown is the only time I can get those pitas at 3 AM.

Reviewing this list, I think that Boise is what started my obsession with food…. Seems fitting for today…


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