Episode 20: Southend On Sea, an unexpected treasure

I’ve been to Southend On Sea before.  It’s a quaint little city that is along the coast of the UK about an hour and a half by car outside of London. You can take a train there from London and it will drop you off around the middle of the city. I typically stay by the airport there only because it’s closer to where I need to be for work.

My coworker has never been to Southend On Sea so we dropped our stuff off and then headed into the city. By “headed” I mean that I made her walk five miles with me toward town center on a Sunday afternoon when everything was shut down.  I can’t say she was the most pleased with me but it’s okay.

I would recommend this place to anyone who hasn’t ever really been to a small city in the UK.  It has a great character about it, neighborhood feeling from the airport to the town center and then you end up at the water. There you can check out the pier which is about a mile long into the water, the boardwalk and some fantastic seafood places.  I’ve done the pier before and it’s only 1 GBP to walk there.  I know, why should you have to pay to walk along that thing? Well because your 1 GBP helps maintain it, that’s why. At the end of the pier is a restaurant where you can get some food, some coffee and enjoy the views.

After our hike, we wandered back to the hotel and had good ol’ fish and chips.  There’s not a lot that to do in Southend but the food is good and it has a lot of character.


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