Commercial Break: Why I run

In less than a month, I’m participating in the Jingle Bell Dash.  What’s funny is that I complain about running all the time.  I complain about how my body feels afterwards and how I can’t go very far because I get tired.  So why do I run? Good question.  Here’s why I continue to try running:

  • It is something I have control over.  Deciding to run or not run is my own decision and only I will suffer the consequences or enjoy the benefits.
  • It’s a challenge. It’s a challenge I want to overcome and I always set goals to try and run a certain distance or for a certain amount of time. It’s a challenge I haven’t been able to really step up to as well as I would have liked but I still continue to try.
  • I can be completely mindless when I run. My brain can go slightly blank when I run.  I can also focus on how the run feels and forget about what has been bothering me.
  • It helps me relieve my stress.  When I’m in a bad mood, if I can get myself to do it, running will clear my head and help me take a step back.
  • I feel free. Like I can run at top speed and be free like a bird (or like I’m running from Satan the neighbors dog… Friends reference anyone?)
  • It actually makes me feel healthier. Once I finally start getting back into my routine of running, I find that I eat healthier and overall I just feel healthier.
  • I run because I’ve been hurt. Hurt in a way that I’ve felt like I would never recover. Hurt in a way that has made me feel like giving up. I run because it reminds me that I have control and can fix the hurt. I can stop the pain just for a bit until it eventually goes away. 
  • I feel inspired. Once I start running again, I feel inspired by who I’ve become and how I feel. I want to make changes to my life to make it better.

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