Episode 19: London, Part 2 – Food

I love food. Enough said.

After a long day of wandering and snacking, my friends and I headed to dinner.  I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before but the last time I was in London my friend Kellen brought me to a place called Lahore Kebab House which is located in the White Chapel neighborhood of London.  The first time I went there, I fell in love with the food. It’s delicious Indian food that is bring your own alcohol and it seems to always be packed. Since I was visiting, Kellen made plans for us to go to Lahore which ended up being a great surprise for me when I showed up.  The three of us grabbed the underground from Kings’ Cross and made our way to White Chapel.

As per routine, we stopped at the a local market to grab some drinks and made our way to the restaurant.  We were seated and began the process of deciding what we wanted to eat.  This entails looking at the menu and then staring at the tables around us to see who looks happy with their food and what they’re eating.  We settled on a range of meats and curries including goat, lamb and chicken.  I’ve had the lamb before there and it is definitely one thing that I think is incredibly consistent there which is a great sign.  Overall, the meal was just as delicious as the first time when I was there and I cannot wait to go back.  You know it’s a great meal when after you’re done, you’re still scoping out the food at other tables to make a mental list for the next time you can stop by.

After dinner, it was time to go home.  You see, after Lahore, you typically eat so much that you need to go home immediately because you’ll enter into a food coma and it will be game over. We went home and I settled nicely into my food coma until the morning.

The next day I had plans to go pick up my coworker at noon at Heathrow for our trip to Southend On Sea so Kellen and I had some time to go get brunch before I started the work portion of my trip. He had planned for us to go to a place called Dishoom. This is probably one of the best brunches I have ever been to (which is 100% a bold statement).  The idea behind Dishoom is that back in the 60s and 70’s there used to be a plethora of Irani cafe’s in Bombay that welcomed everyone from all socio-economic classes.  It was a place to eat, sit, hang and enjoy the company of those around you regardless of how much money you made and what social class you were in.  They’ve since disappeared but Dishoom has brought that flavor to London.  I believe they have 3 locations in London and we went to the Shoreditch one which is beautifully decorated and nestled in a quaint building.  It’s not the most noticeable from the street but once you enter down the hall way along the verandah toward the restaurant, you feel like you’ve left London and entered a different relaxed atmosphere.  We sat in the verandah which made up of mismatched couches, trunks and fun patterned fabrics.

Kellen and I were seated at a trunk table with low chairs that faced the entire verandah instead of each other. We reviewed the menu and decided on the naan rolls.  The naan is freshly baked and they put various types of meat into it, some cream cheese, herbs and it is served with a side of chili tomato jam. Kellen opted for the bacon and egg one while I choose the sausage and egg one.  The meats in Europe are more flavorful than what we have in the States (it could be the fat that’s kept but it adds a great amount of flavor plus, cumberland sausage. Yum!) The best part about ordering two different things was that they serve them in halves so we each had half of the bacon and half of the sausage ones.


I topped off my brunch with a chocolate chai tea which was amazing. It wasn’t excessively chocolatey, instead it was more of a chai with a hint of chocolate.  As soon as I took my first bite of my naan roll, it was game over.  I couldn’t stop eating until I had run out of food.  Kellen may have taken a break between eating his halves but as soon as one was over, the other one was in my hand.  I may not have actually put the food down at any point in time.

We finished our meal, chatted about life and just people watched until it was time for me to go back to the train station to catch the Heathrow Express for work.

I hopped on the tube and began my work life…


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