Commercial break: Have you seen what I have seen?

When I wander, I sometimes find myself staring at something beautiful and wondering if someone I loved has stood in that place and seen the exact same thing. Usually I find myself wondering this when I’m staring at a sunset, flying high above the world or seeing something iconic. 

I’ve noticed that this has been a recent thing for me. I’ve stood at the top of a mountain and wondered if Jimmy ever climbed that mountain and stood in awe of the beauty below. I’ve stood places in LA and wondered if he ever stood in the same place. I’ve stopped at places along Lake Union and wondered if Jimmy or Mike ever stood there too. I stand in front of my grandma’s old home and wonder what she thought each day she walked up those steps to her front door. 

I look out at the moon and wonder who else that I love is staring at it too. Or if someone I have loved has stared at it and wondered the same thing. 

I’ve spent the vast majority of this year traveling between Seattle and the rest of the world. I’ve loved every minute of it for multiple reasons but I think one of the main reasons that I’ve come to realize is that it makes me feel closer to those that I have lost and those that are still with me. 

I’m seeing things that they may have seen, going places they may have gone, spending hours in the sky just a little bit closer to something greater than me and the world and becoming just a little bit more of the person I’ve wanted to be. I feel closer to those who are still with me because I miss them when I am wandering the world. I spend all this time focused on seeing the world, but it reminds me just how much I adore my friends and how much I love them. 

Next time I look at the moon, I’ll wonder who else is looking at it too. 


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