Episode 9: Brussels Airport

The Brussels airport is actually pretty awesome.  Or at least the airport terminal that I was in.  As per usual with European airports (based off the various airports that I have been to), the gates were not posted until the hour before the flight takes off.  I wandered into the Brussels airport it is a place with floor to ceiling windows over looking the tarmac.  I know that this is really common at all airports but when you’re looking out over Belgium, it’s a really nice view.

I think my favorite thing about this airport was the art displays that I found.  There was a giant statue in the middle of the terminal I was in surrounded by a giant gray couch that was perfect for lounging.  This couch was curved in the sense that you couldn’t quite sit on it comfortably.  It encouraged laying down or slouching to meet the contours of the actual couch.  I stayed there for about an hour and a half on this couch surrounded by various people coming and going. It was a great chance to sit there and listen to other people’s conversations in languages I didn’t understand.  That might be one of my favorite things about international airports. It’s like everyone has their own secret language that no one else understands.  When I can pick up on a language I feel like I’m a part of some secret club but no one knows that I am a part of it.  Typically this only happens with Chinese and for some reason no one assumes I can understand Chinese which usually works to my advantage.

After hanging out on the couch with a coffee, I reflected on my 24 hours in Brussels.  As much as the city and I are not friends, I am glad I had the experience from there.

When it was time, I began wandering over to my gate and tried to prepare myself for Budapest.


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