Episode 4: Exploring Barcelona part 1

After being completely overtaken by La Sagrada Familia, I decided to walk. And walk I did. I went from the Sagrada Familia straight down to the Barcelona beaches. From there I took a left and walked along the coast line enjoying the view of the water, the beaches, the amount of people and slowly realizing that with each step I took, my body melted just a little bit more. Barcelona is hot at the end of August. Like sweltering and humid. For someone who is a weather wimp, it has been rough. It vaguely reminds me of being in Asia when I would step outside and immediately start sweating. (Yes an exaggeration for Spain, but that was Taiwan in the summer). Regardless, Barcelona has been toasty beyond my comfort zone. 

As I walked along the coast, I decided that the perfect little detail to add to my day would be to eat paella along the coast. So I set up my mission to do it and started my journey. Fun fact: restaurants along the coastline of Barcelona do not encourage eating paella alone. In fact, they don’t allow it. Every restaurant that I passed with paella on the menu had specific requirements. You had to be a minimum of 2 people to order the paella. Are. You. Serious? So my plan was destroyed. No paella for me along the beach. I settled for a grilled goat cheese salad on bread, a bed of lettuce with raisins, delicious tomatoes and orange slices. Grilled cheese. Automatic win and the perfect food to make up for the lack of paella. I also requested iced coffee because the lack of caffeine and apparent jet lag was really getting to me. I received a cup of coffee and a cup of ice. Considering my Spanish is nonexistent at best, I was quite pleased with myself.

After my delicious cheese filled meal, I decided to walk back to the Sagrada Familia cause I was stay close by. I stumbled upon the Torre Agbar which looks like a giant torpedo to me. I’m not 100% sure what it is besides the headquarters for Agbar but it’s a pretty cool building. I also managed to find myself at the Arc del Triomf. Or rather I found myself on the train that had a stop there so I got off at that stop. One thing to note: the metro stations have multiple exits and entrances (like metro stations do), be prepared to pop out into broad daylight and be completely baffled by the lack of the monument you’re looking for. I choose the wrong metro exit multiple times and did a lot of wandering in circles and backtracking to figure out where I was. 

After some lovely pictures and staring at the Arc, I went home. Or rather I tried to go back to my hotel. For someone who doesn’t usually stay at hotels, I arrived to find that the cleaning staff was on our floor but hadn’t hit my room yet. And given my complete lack of Spanish skills, I was promptly told to give them 10 minutes and leave. I really wish I could have told them I was okay with not having my room cleaned but I just kept saying ‘no it’s fine, it’s totally fine’ to which I received ‘diaz minutos’ and the gesturing toward the elevator. #embarassed 

I went staggering back outside and found myself some food. Remember when I mentioned Copenhagen shuts down on Sunday’s? Yeah, Barcelona does too just not to the same extent. But restaurants observe siestas so that makes it all the more difficult to find food. 

I finally made it back with some snacks, a chocolate croissant and an iced tea, cause I was craving it. From there on, I hid in my hotel room loving the fact that there is air conditioning and I was regaining some semblance of a normal appearance. 



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