Episode 3: La Sagrada Familia

I’m sitting in the Sagrada Familia as I write this. It’s strange to be sitting in the place that quite literally was the only reason I chose to come to Barcelona. I’ve been warned that I would be significantly underwhelmed by this building but it’s not the case. There’s something very peaceful about this place. It could be because I came at the first opening of the day so there aren’t that many people so it feels more calm than I expected. Or it could be because there’s a mass going on downstairs so the expectation is to be quiet. Regardless, this place has a magic to it. Looking at the light bouncing off the columns, the music, the intricate details that went into building this place, it’s magical.

I’m about 100% positive that no matter how long I sit here, how long I stare at each wall, I will never be able to fully take in all the details. 
One thing to note about this history is that Gaudi wanted this to be a church of the people. It hit its half way mark in 2010. Wandering through here, I saw a very shiny high tech all glass elevator with what looked like sparkly lights. I wonder if that was in the original plan Gaudi had for this church…
After sitting in the Sagrada Familia for about an hour, I went on the last part of my tour and that was to take the elevator up to the top of the Nativity Tower and then magically find my way down. Here are a few things to note: 

– you get shuttled up in groups of 7-9 and then left up there to find your way down

– the walkways are just wide enough for a normal sized person to walk sideways. Now imagine squeezing two people walking in opposite directions on that path. It makes for some awkward touching and scrapping against the wall

– don’t be fooled when you get off the elevator. The first thing you see is a tiny bridge like path and you think that’s it. The Nativity Tower is full of little nooks and crannies that you can find yourself in and look out over Barcelona to the water or take a better look at the Sagrada Familia. 

– if you are claustophobic, don’t go in there. 

– if you are afraid of heights or get dizzy easily, don’t do it. The only full staircase down was tight and windy. Let’s just say it took me an extra 10 minutes to get down because the three guys in front of me kept stopping to collect themselves. It is a slow process to get down and there’s really no turning back. 

– Barcelona is beautiful from above. 

– La Sagrada Familia is even more spectacular up close and personal. Especially at the tower level because it provides a different perspective on the building. 

I highly recommend going. Plus, you can consider your admission fee as you adding to the history of this building and bringing just that much closer to finally being complete. I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like when it is officially all done. 



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