Episode 2: hello Barcelona

My flight to Spain consisted of two legs. First was Seattle to London then London to Barcelona. Typically I am okay on the long haul flights and can sleep pretty well to get up and start my day when I land. But the flight to London had just enough turbulence to prevent any sleep from happening. When I was ready to sleep, the plane would start shaking and when I was wide awake it was calm. I passed out on the flight from London to Barcelona but the less than two hour flight wasn’t enough to compensate for the jet lag. 

I landed in Barcelona, went through passport control where the agent thought I had a really great name. So much so he read it out loud a couple of times and then flashed me one of the biggest grins ever. I mean, I understand. My name is freaking awesome. 

After that I took the Aeroport bus which cost 5.90€ to get from the airport to the city center. I missed my stop because I wasn’t aware that they don’t announce the stops and it magically stops at many more places than advertised on the actual bus. So I got off at the stop after mine and wandered back to where I thought I was supposed to go. This included a pit stop in a metro station that did not have the train I needed. A lot of walking back and forth between the train map and the ticket booth. Another thing to note, not all metro stations advertise which station they are. Be prepared. After giving up because I couldn’t figure out where I was, I decided I would just walk back to Universitat to catch the L2 to where I needed to go. This being done with everything I own, long pants, a jacket and 95 degree heat was quite the experience. Especially given that I was not all there having slept two hours in about 24 and being very confused. 

I got onto my train, got off at what I assumed was my stop, climbed or rather staggered up a set of stairs and saw the light of day. Right after I adjusted to the bright sun I realized that standing in front of me was the Sagrada Familia. I about yelped in happiness. I’ve been waiting to see this church in real life. After overcoming my excitement, I stood on the corner and wondered where my hotel was. I hate to admit it, but after walking about four blocks I realized it was on the corner across the street from the metro station. Don’t judge. 

I checked into my room and decided to lay down for a minute before heading back out into the sweltering heat. Apparently I fell asleep because I woke up curled up in the fetal position on top of all my blankets, freezing because of the air conditioning and finding out it was 11PM. Oops. 

Well there is always tomorrow to tackle the city. 


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