How I packed for 3 weeks in Europe

I recently posted a picture on social media of my luggage for a 3 week trip to Europe.  

 Yup. That is all I brought to gallivant around Europe. Note that all my clothing for work trips will be lugged across the ocean by my dear coworkers because I will be lugging their stuff back after our last meet up on Prague. But that being said, this really is all I need to survive 3 weeks.

It requires a lot of thought and re packing for me so I’ll be going through my thought process using a few posts. Be prepared. Let’s start off with clothes. 

You need clothes. Plain and simple. But you really don’t need that many clothes. When I first started packing, I had enough clothing that I could potentially get away with wearing a few things twice. But in all seriousness, where I am going has water which means I can hand wash some stuff. For me, packing is the hardest because I have to come to terms with a certain lack of amenities that I’m typically used to. For example, my whole closet. And a washing machine that I don’t need to sit at a laundromat for and… My entire closet. But once I do finally get it through my head that I don’t want to be lugging around a suitcase it really helps me. 

I travel in a backpack cause I have weird fears and anxieties. The more I bring, the more fear I have that I will lose something, misplace it or just flat out forget it. I’ve packed excessive amounts of stuff before and then realized when I got home- I never touched it. Along with that, on some of my trips, I have quickly learned to appreciate the ability to carry everything I own on my back. Like trying to go to a hotel room in Cinque Terre that was 300+ steps uphill (yes we counted. Yes it sucked but I was so thankful for my hiking backpack). Or trying to get to a hostel late at night in Antigua with its cobblestone roads and holes that you magically fall in (yes I fell in a hole. Stop laughing). After realizing those anxieties of mine, I knew a hiking backpack would work but then I developed another anxiety. Lost luggage (refer to my Istanbul experience). Now. A school back fits under the seat and the overhead compartment. Done. 

Here’s what I packed for shirts for 3 weeks:

-7 t-shirts (1 not pictured cause I’m wearing it)

– 2 under shirt tank tops (1 not pictured because I am wearing it)

– 1 tank top

– 1 sleep shirt (which could be worn outside in a dire situation)

– 1 cardigan

– 1 chambray

Now for bottoms:  

– 2 pairs of black jeans

– 2 pairs of shorts

– 1 pair of sleeping shorts

– 1 nicer pair of capri/ankle pant 

– 1 comfortable track pant

– 1 dress

Now for shoes: (I went a bit overboard for myself but my Tieks fold so… Justified)

– 2 pairs of Tieks (my black ones have seen better days…)

– 1 pair of Chelsea boots for those rainy days

– 1 pair of Keds

And then whatever amount of underwear/undergarments you need. 

Note: you can hand wash things. 

I’ll do another post on the accessories and hygiene products I bring which includes detergent. 

This is just the start to the madness. It’s not easy. It’s not perfect but it works for me. Hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration to bring less. Plus, it saves me money. I’ve packed my backpack to the brim that I can’t shop which is.. Impressive. 

Do you have any good packing tips or ways to decide what kind of clothes you bring on trips? Let me know! I’m always looking to better my packing abilities.


One thought on “How I packed for 3 weeks in Europe

  1. Ridwa says:

    I pretty much pack that amount for a 2 month trip, but spend half my time hand washing clothes 😂. I do find that rolling the clothes works in terms of squeezing more in.


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