Adulthood: NOW 55?

I spent quite a few years without TV and not paying attention to the radio. I still don’t listen to the radio but now i watch TV since I’m officially done with my school work.

I have to say that I feel old because I just saw the NOW 55 commercial. Have they really released 54 other “NOW!” cds?

After seeing that commercial, I started thinking about everything else I have seen and everything I miss from my childhood.  I still miss being a kid and playing with Tamagotchi’s and Neopets as a kid. But remembering those, I think that was the first sign that I realized I was terrible at taking care of anything living that wasn’t me. I loved my little pocket pets, took care of them the best I could and they still didn’t last very long.  Let’s just say, if I had a graveyard of all my electronic pets, our yard may not have really been useable by the time I left that phase.

The other thing that makes me nostalgic is seeing people talk about Polly Pocket.  The new Polly Pockets are way too big to be Polly Pockets.  The real and original Polly Pocket were tiny, almost too hard to hold and definitely not safe for children but it’s cool. We survived.

I think this commercial is the new turning point for me that I need to stop watching TV…


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