Travel: My Favorite Places

I’ve been asked a lot recently about what have been my favorite places to travel to. And that’s a hard question to answer because I have fond memories in every city I’ve been to.  But here are just a few of the places that I love and why I love them so much:

– Taiwan. I love this country so much because it holds a special place my heart. I’ve spent the longest in this country outside of the U.S. and have been given the opportunity to explore most of it. I’ve seen Taipei and it’s surrounding areas, the entire coastline, and some of the mountain villages plus a few more places. My parents grew up here and I’ve been able to associate places with their childhood and really understanding who they are and where they came from. I’ve seen things in Taiwan that I’ve only ever seen pictures of from when my parents were little. Along with that, I treasure the volunteer experiences that I’ve had in this country and the people that I bonded with. This is a tiny country with a huge history and people still forget that it is its own country with its own culture. But I love telling people all about it. I love telling people about my experiences there, the food I’ve consumed, the people I’ve met, and what I’ve seen.  I may never have actually lived there, but this country is a part of me.

– Iceland. This country quickly made its way to the top of the list because of how it made me feel and just how fascinating it was to me. I know that I just went there this year but I did not want to leave. It could have been that I was there for two days and that was 100% not enough time. But regardless, I still feel a sense of wonderment from that country. I’m still so curious about how it came to be, the people, the history and I want to see so much more. I loved that flying into Iceland confused me. I loved that once I actually got into city and started exploring I fell in love immediately.  it felt like a hidden treasure that I got the opportunity to uncover which is amazing to me. I cannot wait to go back.

– Spain. I’m excited to go to Barcelona soon but I feel like it will be very different than my previous experience in Spain. I loved this country because of the people, the food, the culture and the history. My friend showed me around to a bunch of different churches in southern Spain and I loved every minute of it. I loved that you could see the progression of history in some of these cities and that they had done a great job of keeping the old while developing around it. Plus the food and the wine. Enough said.

– Italy. I loved Italy so much so that it was the first country I visited twice. I could go on for days raving about this country.  There’s the obvious amazing things about it like the artwork, the churches, the history, the architecture. But there’s also the food and the wine.  I have yet to meet a meal there that did not leave me fat and happy and on the verge of a food coma.

These are my top four favorite places I have gone.  But I have actually loved everywhere I have been, these places just happen to be more nostalgic for me. Taiwan because I volunteered there and my family is from there. Iceland because it was my first solo trip. Spain because it was the most spontaneous trip I decided to go on. Italy because it was for school and I got the chance to see the country from a different perspective. If I tried to list out why I loved each country, we would be here for days.

I’m excited to explore more and see how this list changes.  What are your favorites?


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