Travel: Routines?

One thing that I’ve noticed when I travel is that my typical routines go out the window. And by routines, I mean my bedtime routines and my morning routines.  When I’m home, I start out my day by:

– brushing my teeth
– mouthwash
– washing my face
– clarifying lotion (it’s a great way to wake up)
– getting dressed
– starting my coffee maker
– moisturizing
– doing my make-up (if I feel ambitious which isn’t often)
– eating my breakfast while packing everything for the day

And then I end my day by:

– brushing my teeth
– flossing
– mouthwash
– washing my face
– moisturizing
– changing into my pjs
– crawling into bed and decompressing from the day

When I travel, my day starts by:

…. well I don’t have a routine when I travel.  Everything I do at home to start my day and end my day completely go out the window. My skin gets all crazy and dry because I am too tired by the end of the day to do everything. I’m usually too tired right before bed to remember to floss because if I had it my way, I’d crawl straight into bed. In the morning, I’m usually too excited to start my day that I throw on whatever clothes I can find and then pack up my bag and leave. Obviously I brush my teeth cause I hate the feeling of unbrushed teeth, but other than that, nothing else really happens.

I’m not sure why this happens, but I’ve noticed that it’s become a trend. And as I get older and begin to appreciate my routines, I need to find a way to break my travel routine of just not taking care of myself. I’ve taken to packing away all the free products in hotel rooms so that I can use them for other trips and make sure I have bottles that I can reuse.  This is definitely one area that I’m lacking in terms of my traveling. I must perfect the art of packing everything I need without feeling weighed down. One thing that I have found is if you have specific products that you love that you purchase from department stores, they will usually have travel size samples that you can get for free or a minimal cost and bring on your trips. The ladies at the Nordstrom Clinique counter are amazing.

Do you have any travel routines that help you keep up with your day to day regimes? I’m always looking for good travel advice on how to better keep up with my typical routines so I don’t have to form the habit all over again when I get home.

P.s. the featured image is from my hotel stay in Istanbul. Not sure why cleaning team decided to do that, but I loved it. But it shows just how little I try to bring with me on every trip.


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