Adulthood: Recent discoveries

I’m still in the process of trying to convince myself that I know what I’m doing, especially since I’m trying to fill my time after graduate school. Not having homework has left me with a lot of time to think and really evaluate who I am. So far, I’ve discovered the following about myself:

– I’m highly motivated by food. This isn’t so much a discovery for me as much as it is for other people. I actually had someone I had just met ask me if I just spent my days eating. And my only response was to look her in the eye, smile and say “yes, yes I do. And when I’m not eating, I’m thinking about eating.” And, I signed up for a 10K this week. Not because my last one was such a success and I loved it. Not because I have been running every day since my last one (because I have run once in the last two months). But because, at the end of the race, is a “free” breakfast bar catered by Portage Bay complete with french toast and their fruits, syrups and whipped cream. I am subjecting myself to pain so that I can eat the french toast (my form of happiness) at the end. And today, my friend and I went shopping and we got on the topic of the types of clothing we purchase. I realized that I purchase looser clothing so that it can hide the food baby that appears after every meal. I love clothes, but apparently, I love food more.

– I love to read. This I have always known, in fact, as a child my favorite past time was hanging out with my dad at the library on Sundays (or the LIBRARY! as it is known in Boise). I grew up in a house full of books, it just seems obvious that I love to read.  But as someone who hasn’t read for fun as much as she would like, this feels like a new discovery to me.  To the extent that I’m remembering what it feels like to get lost in a book. To feel inspired by what I’m reading, whether it’s inspiration to go read more or to go somewhere. I’m remembering what it feels like to turn pages (yes I have a Kindle, but there’s something fantastic about a tangible book and the page turning). I’m rediscovering what it feels like to imagine these stories in my head and develop feelings toward characters. I’m so excited that I have the time to read that I purchased 5 books this week.  That’s 5 books to add to the list of about 30 books I purchased during graduate school that I have yet to finish. Yes, I have started them but homework gets distracting.

– I love the idea of revamping and purging. I go through these moments every couple of months where I feel the need to review everything I own and clean, throw out things, purge my clothes, and redo my wardrobe. I don’t mean throw out everything and buy all new things because I would need about a bizillion more dollars to support that lifestyle. I mean, throw out things that I thought I would wear and never have.  Revamp my staples that need a little love with some new accessories or change up the standout pieces in my wardrobe. Sometimes this revamping means a new nail polish color or new pillow cases. I love doing this. It always feels like I’m starting a new stage in my life.

– I spend too much time in front of a screen. Funny that I say that as I type this on my computer. But after this post, I’m going to shut off and read. I work at a computer, I watch TV when I’m home and I play on my phone. I need to get disconnected and separate myself from technology sometimes. Being in Europe in earlier this year really reminded me just how much I love those breaks from it all. People ask me if I add international plans to my phone and it’s just not something I’ve ever considered. I love disconnecting, but I need to start doing that regularly instead of just when I travel.

That being said, I think it’s time for a break from my computer and start reading a bit. Until next time, here’s to adulthood.


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