Episode 15: 24 hours in Copenhagen, Denmark

I woke up early, and by early I mean 430AM (which I’m sure my friends appreciated) to get to the Vienna airport.  The Vienna airport is super easy to navigate and definitely one of my more preferred airports in Europe.  I wandered through over to my gate and there I sat and people watched.  One of things that always makes me happy is when I see things from home when I travel.  Yes, Starbucks is like a little piece of home but what is even better would be seeing someone walk by with Seahawks gear on or a college t-shirt.  It’s like, after winning the Super Bowl, people like our football team. It’s pretty cool.

After a few hours we touched down in Copenhagen, Denmark. I took the train into the city and began to wander until I found my hotel. I arrived at my hotel around 9AM and was there too early so I couldn’t actually check into my hotel. So I sat down in the lobby, finished up my homework, submitted my last assignment and then stored my luggage with the hotel. I walked out with my purse, my jacket and my Keds armed and ready to take on Copenhagen.

Going on this trip, I knew that I wanted to see the Little Mermaid statue, the canals, see the Tivoli Gardens and then just enjoy the city. I looked at my map which gave me a general direction of where I needed to go, stored it and began my journey. My first stop was figuring out where the canals were, it took a bit and at one point I stumbled upon a giant open plaza with a statue of a man on a horse in the middle of it.  I’m assuming it’s where their government hangs out, but it was an eery place to be on a Sunday.  There were guards in front of the building and that’s it.  No other people.  From there, I walked to the canals, wandered up and down the road and took pictures.  There are adorable colorful houses lining the canal and boats parked along the sides of the canal.  When it’s nice, you can hang out at the restaurants that have outdoor seating and colorful umbrellas. From the canals, I walked along the water and made my way up to the Little Mermaid statue. On my journey there, I stumbled upon the Cherry Blossom Festival (which happened to be the exact same weekend as the one in Seattle).  I walked by before it started so I continued up to the statue and managed to find it by the incredible amount of tourists swarming the statue.  It’s really, kind of anti-climatic.  I feel like if it had been sunny and if there had been less people, it would have been a bit cooler to see but the statue was really quite small, and I was surrounded by people climbing down and getting in the background of every photo.  I managed to a few photos and made my way back to the Cherry Blossom Festival. I watched traditional Japanese drumming for a bit before making my way into the city center.

IMG_4095 IMG_4093

By this point, it was raining cold rain and I was cold and very wet. I wandered into a coffee shop for a bit, enjoyed a tiramisu latte and read on my Kindle for a bit.  I took this opportunity to dry off a little bit.  From there I did some shopping, some walking and made my way up past the Tivoli Gardens, the National Museum, the walking streets, and made my way across a bridge and into a park.  At that point, I was soaked, I hadn’t found any good places to walk into and I was hungry. So I walked by to the shopping area and found an organic restaurant/coffee shop and sat in the window and watched people walk by.  One thing to note about Copenhagen is that on Sunday’s, most things don’t open and if they are open, they open at noon and close at 4PM, even the restaurants are sparse.  I dried off a bit and then wandered toward my hotel.  At one point, I realized I hadn’t purchased my magnet so I had to find somewhere that was open to find a Copenhagen magnet.  Just in case you’re wondering, 7/11 does not sell magnets but I did buy my dinner. I managed to find one open souvenir store, bought my magnet and made my way back to my hotel.  I spent the rest of the night in the hotel trying to try my clothing and my shoes.

The next morning, I repacked my backpack and made my way to the train station to begin my journey home.


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