Episode 13: Austrian breakfast buffets

My last full day in Austria was completely unplanned and full of fun little surprises.  I started off the day with an all you can eat Viennese breakfast which meant beginning my day with an excessive amount of breads, meats, cheese, and blood oranges.

I have this thing for blood oranges.  The first time I experienced the wonder that is blood oranges, I was in Italy for my study abroad and it was my first time going to Europe.  There was blood orange juice sitting at the table for breakfast and I’m not sure I knew what it was before I tried it.  Either way, I tried it and it was the best idea I could have ever had and now I have a slight obsession with the juice and the fruit.

The place we went to breakfast was located near the Viennese Aquarium (which is one of the strangest buildings I have ever seen).  If you ever go to Vienna, this is not a building you will miss because it’s a giant concrete building that towers over everything around it.  And they’ve added green house like fixtures to the sides of the buildings that are filled with forms of shrubbery and trees. I didn’t get a chance to go in but apparently they have monkeys in there which is random for an aquarium but I don’t judge.

We wandered to the restaurant, grabbed a seat and began scoping out the food. My first plate was filled with Viennese bread, some blood oranges, a small fixing of caprese salad, some salami, cheese, a poached egg in the smallest jar topped off with chives and a cup of blood orange juice. Viennese bread is absolutely delicious. The bread that I had was round and the way that it was baked, you get the perfect combination of crunchy crust with the soft inside with every bite.  And it’s consistency is the same regardless of which part of the bread you’re eating, unlike with loaves you get the hard to eat ends and then the potentially excessively soft middle portion. My second and third plates include various items that I felt like I had to try like Austrian bacon and other various types of meat and cheeses.  After three plates of food, you kind of feel like you want to die, or just fall into the deepest sleep but it was totally worth it.


After the delicious breakfast, i got the perfect opportunity to nap because we loaded ourselves into a car and began our journey through the Austrian countryside.


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