Episode 12, Part 4: Vienna by night

We left Zentralfriedhof and made our way back to the city. My friends decided that I needed to see the Belvedere palace. We arrived later in the day so we didn’t get the opportunity to go inside of it or see the museum that’s attached to it. But we did get to walk through the gardens at sunset and it is beautiful.  It is a white palace with a green rooftop that sits at the top of an incline.  The further up you walk, the more of the city you can see.  IMG_3925

After walking to the top of the incline and standing in front of the grand building, we made our way back to the center of the city.  We passed the Opera House where the plaza was packed with people watching streaming opera, walked to the fanciest Burger King I’ve ever seen in my life (it is a converted ballroom. Definitely stop by if you get a chance, it’s in the main shopping district), and made our way to St. Stephen’s Cathedral.  This church stands in the middle of the city and has a rich history that you should look into.  One of the great things is that it has towers that look out over the city and you can actually pay 5 Euros and take an elevator to the top of one of the towers to look out over Vienna at night.  It’s terrifying if you’re afraid of heights because the only thing separating you from the world is barbed wire and a metal grate floor that they put a floor mat on to help calm the nerves. But if you look down, all you see is pavement and people the size of ants.

But if you can handle the heights, I highly recommend taking this journey up to the top of this tower. It’s such a different perspective of the city.


See those towers in the distance? That’s the Votive Church.

After that experience we decided to check out the bar scene.  There’s a canal in Vienna that’s covered in graffiti and filled to the brim with bars.  The canal is lined with bars, and they are packed to the brim with people but since it’s Europe, you can purchase your beverage and leave. So if you can’t find a spot to sit at the bar, order a drink and then sit at the edge of the canal.

If you’re there during the day, I highly recommend checking out the canal anyway because the graffiti is amazing. I even stumbled upon some Radiohead lyrics along on wall which was awesome.

And that was the end of my Vienna night adventure. Up next, seeing Austria by car and experiencing the “Sound of Music.”


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