Confessions of a faux adult

Now that I’ve graduated (or gotten as close to graduating from my masters as one can be without actually graduating), I feel useless. Here is what I have accomplished since I officially turned in my last assignment:

1. Laid on my floor for 6 hours in front of the fan because it was hot
2. Watched an hour and a half of panda videos, while sitting on my floor
3. Online shopped, but only in 10 minute spurts because I have no attention span
4. Caught up on all the TV I’ve missed
5. Made the decision not to grocery shop because I will have Costco coupons starting on Thursday and I’m okay with waiting until then
6. Purchased a romper because then it means that I don’t need to worry about making an outfit now
7. Bought plane tickets, and lots of them
8. Gone to bed at 8 because why not?
9. Put off getting something from my car because to go to my car meant putting on pants
10. Played an absurd amount of Best Fiends
11. Fallen asleep on my couch
12. Finally cleaned my apartment. For once, it took me two trips to take out all my garbage, compost and recycle.
13. Eaten two dinners in a span of 3 hours because the food sounded so good
14. Started reading for fun
15. Purchased a shirt that says “Awko-Taco”
16. Consumed a whole watermelon in two days

I think that this is a perfect start to life after graduate school.


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