Episode 12, Part 2: Wandering Vienna continued, lunch time happiness

After doing some wandering around Vienna, it was time to eat lunch.  My friends/tour guides decided to take me to the outskirts of the district 1 which has most of the city center. And we went to one of their old favorite lunch spots.  I couldn’t read the menu because it was all in German so I just depended on my friends to tell me what to order.  They suggested a soup called which I believe is called “Frittaten Suppe” or “Fladlesuppe” in German. This is a beef stock soup with slivers of thin crepes, almost like the ones you would eat in France but a little thinner and put in the soup so they thicken as they soak up the soup.  The soup was a great combination of beef with a hint of vegetable flavoring, I found slivers of carrots and other random vegetables at the bottom of my soup but they were definitely more of a garnish than a staple.


And for my main course I ordered schnitzel.  Typical schnitzel is made with veal, but as a former vegetarian I wasn’t able to quite pull myself together for that, so instead I ordered the pork schnitzel which is a thin slab of pork that is breaded and fried.  This course ended up being a lot more than I thought because I didn’t realize it came with two pieces of schnitzel with a cranberry dipping sauce in addition to a side of potato salad.  The potato salad isn’t your typical American potato salad. It is not mayo based but rather oil, vinegar and beef stock based.  It’s served slightly lukewarm and the potatoes are softer and then it’s topped with onions. Eat this if you ever get a chance to, it’s amazing. It is definitely not as heavy as American potato salad.


My eyes may have been bigger than my stomach but it was all worth it.  I ended up having to share my schnitzel because I couldn’t finish it and I definitely did not want it to go to waste.

After that delicious meal, we decided we needed to go on a walk to avoid the pending food coma. So we made our way to the Vienna cemetery. It sounds strange, but I’ll tell you why we went later. Until next time, I’ll be dreaming of schnitzel and potato salad.

Note: I would brush up on German words for men and women if you ever go to Austria.  I did not know there were two words for both and that can cause for an awkward experience when you go to a local restaurant and want to use the bathroom.  I stood between the men and women’s restroom for about a minute trying to guess which one was women because it was labeled “Herren” and “Damen.” Hint: “Damen” is woman.


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