Episode 12, Part 1: Wandering Vienna

My first full day in Vienna was a day of walking, exploring and an excessive amount of food. I started off my morning with some Austrian pastries which included a sweet bread and a rum based cake. Both of which were super sweet, incredibly delicious and the perfect start to my first day in the city. 

After that we wandered through the city and I got the opportunity to see what Vienna looks like from the perspective of locals. I learned all about the city, the government, the history and the life of the locals. One thing I’m envious of is how cheap their university education is. It’s available to so many people and one of the best in Europe. We wandered through the University which is a beautiful campus right in the heart of Vienna. Afterwards we wandered by Votive which is a new-gothic church built outside of the neo-gothic era. Afterwards we continued to wander the city and eat delicious foods. One of my favorite things about Vienna is that it loves music. There are Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss statues all around the city. I could sit and stare at the statues all day. 



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