Episode 11 – The Opera, Vienna Austria

After four hours on the train, I finally made it to Vienna. First stop was a coffee shop before going to the apartment to drop off my stuff. There’s a Vienna coffee drink that’s like a latte with less milk that is delicious. Coffee in Vienna is pretty fantastic. We then made our trek to the apartment and I dropped of my stuff. One of the things I love about traveling is going into actual homes and seeing how they are laid out and decorated. My friends apartment is adorable to say the least. From there my friend Kaitrin and I grabbed some blankets and hopped back on the train. 

Our first stop was a hot dog stand (recognize some theme here?). There are many street vendors around Vienna that sell hot dogs and sausage assortments cause ya know, German influence so it makes sense. For dinner I ordered something that essentially tasted like raspberry ginger ale which is delicious and a bosna. A bosna is an Austrian sausage that was essentially too big for its bun so it was like I was eating two sausages. On top of the sausage is onions, curry powder and cilantro. Strange? Meh. Delicious? Absolutely. I was so close to wanting to buy another. 

After grabbing our dinner, we walked to the famous opera house in the center of downtown Vienna where they had set up chairs in the plaza outside and had a giant big screen mounted. We settled into our seats and watched the opera playing inside streamed on the TV. It was a windy evening and people kept stopping to stare at what was going on. I may not have known what they were singing but it was awesome. It’s not everyday you can watch an opera while eating a hot dog and freezing. I felt very Austrian. The next night they played Madame Butterfly and the plaza was packed to the max. 

After dinner and the opera we wandered back to the apartment and thus concluded my first night in Austria.  



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