Episode 10 – Vienna, Austria… Or somewhere close. 

Traveling by train at 8AM from a French train station in the middle of nowhere is an experience. Since they don’t post the actual platform until 15 minutes before, getting there early sometimes seems useless. I traveled from Metz to Marne-la-Vallee which is actually where Paris Disneyland is. I sat at Marne-la-Vallee for about half an hour watching families with children wearing Mickey Mouse ears run frantically around the train station. From there I trained into the CDG airport and waited for my flight to Austria. 

Even though I didn’t get the chance to go into Paris on this trip, I still bought French macaroons cause… Why not?  I enjoyed my breakfast of French pastries and then boarded my flight. One thing to note: there’s really no order to bordering these smaller flights in Europe. People line up and then almost rush the gate to get on the plane. If you aren’t prepared or you are waiting for the announcement to board, you may never hear it. 

I flew into Austria which meant flying over the Alps still covered in snow and then landed in Vienna. 

The Vienna airport is easy to navigate, a lot easier than CDG. There’s a train station that gets to directly to the city. There’s the regular train and the more expensive option that advertises 16 minutes total. My friend and I boarded the regular train and made our way out into the Austrian world. About an hour and a half later our train stopped and we were told to get off. We got off the train, onto the tracks and climbed on the platform. As I stood there baffled, I noticed the station sign that said ‘Wolfsthal.’ My friend and I had taken the right train but going in the wrong direction. We found ourselves at the end of the line about 7 km from Slovakia. 

We sat there and waited for our next train back to Vienna and laughed at how close we were to getting my sixth country in 10 days. We finally got on the right train and began our journey back to Vienna. 



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