Episode 9 – Part 2: Luxembourg City, the food

After wandering the beautiful city of Luxembourg, the group that I was with went to do some shopping prior to meeting up with some old friends of my tour guide. One of the things about Luxembourg is that they have a great selection of stores, but everything closes around 6 or 7PM. And the quiet city gets a little quieter unless you decide to wander over to an area full of restaurants.

We made our way to this street next to the Microsoft office along the water where there were a handful of bars and restaurants.  We went to a restaurant called Le Sud which has a rooftop bar that you can go to that overlooks the city.  One of the fun facts about this restaurant is that you can go up to the bar and order a drink and you get free appetizers.  The restaurant itself is supposed to be one of the top in the city of Luxembourg so obviously it’s a bit on the pricey side but the bar had decent prices. As someone who doesn’t really drink, I ordered freshly squeezed juice and enjoyed the appetizers.  There was a goat cheese tart, a caprese salad on a skewer and a bruschetta dish. It was delicious and I could have eaten 100 of the goat cheese tartlets, but that would have been excessive.

After our appetizers, we went next door to a restaurant called Brauerei – Big Beer Company.  A group of four us decided to split four authentic Luxembourg specialties since it was my first time in the city.  We split a pork knuckle, a potato pasta with mushroom cream sauce (Spaetzle), half a roasted hen and a dish called choucroute which had pickled cabbage, bacon, sausage and potatoes. Afterwards we had a beer ice cream and an apple strudel.  As a former vegetarian, I am so happy I decided to go back to eating meat. I highly recommend visiting this location if you get a chance to visit.

After that, we went to a few bars and checked out three bars in the city. The bar scene in Luxembourg on a Wednesday is not the most active but there were still quite a few people out at the more popular bars. After spending some time at a place called The White House, we made our way back to the car and began our 40 minute journey back to France.

And from there, begins my journey to Austria.



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