Commercial break: Ready for the next adventure

As I go through trying to relive my last European adventure, I’m already antsy for the next adventure. Since I’ve been back from my “whirlwind-Winny’s-bad-at-planning-and-is-overly-ambitious” trip, all I have wanted to do is travel more. I want to buy more plane tickets, I want to eat new foods, I want to stand somewhere I’ve never been and take in the sounds and the smells.

I have a few plans in place for the rest of this year and I must say that I feel somewhat crazy for what I’m going to attempt. I’ve gotten strange looks and people asking me why I’m doing so many whirlwind trips and my response is “why not?”

I think that’s my new thing. I want to try things because, why not?  There’s nothing really stopping me except for myself.

So until my next trip, I’ll just continue to think about just how many cities and countries I can fit into my next adventure.


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