Episode 8: Eguishiem, Alsace, France and castles

Did you know that there are villages in northern France that have German influenced architecture and German influenced names? this probably seems like something everyone would know but I didn’t ever really put much thought to this until I visited Eguishiem, France. Once voted one of the most beautiful villages in France, this place looks like what I image tiny German villages to look like. This place was adorable and had a church in the center of the town. It’s surrounded by rolling hills, fields and even some small mountains. We got the opportunity to wander a bit and even got to see a stork hanging out at the top of the church steeple. Side note: storks are huge. Not sure what I was expecting but it caught me by surprise. 

After wandering Eguishiem, we went to The Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg which is an old castle sitting on top of a mountain and you can look out over the French country side. It was beautiful and you can take a nice walking tour through the castle and the gardens. I always love seeing the furniture and home decor from castles because they were so creative and had very interesting ways of utilizing what they had. Also, looking at the beds, they were incredibly short back then…

After our more organized part of our day, we wandered around and do some impromptu wine tasting. I can officially say that I’ve gone wine tasting in the French country side. We tasted some delicious wines and I may have purchased a bottle or two. 

My day and a half in northern France was amazing. Definitely a place I think everyone needs to visit at some point. 



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