Episode 7: Metz, France and homemade couscous

I got the opportunity to experience life in Metz, France as if I were a local. It’s actually one of the things I love doing when I travel. The tourist attractions and the history is always amazing but sometimes pretending you live in another city and experiencing life as a local is just as awesome. 

I spent my first night in France driving from home to home of various people who were in town for the week. Given that I was hanging out with locals, I got to see life in a small French city and meet some great people. 

The country side is beautiful, it’s a bit sparse in terms of buildings but there are endless fields of greenery. And I happened to show up in France when the fields were full of rapeseed flowers in full bloom. Every few miles would be a giant field of beautiful yellow flowers in every direction. It was really cool to see another side of France outside of the major cities. 

As much as being outside was amazing, one of the highlights was my first meal in France. I got the opportunity to eat (what felt like) my weight in homemade couscous, lamb, chicken and sausage. The rest of the evening was filled with fruits, drinks, snacks, chocolates and various nuts. I was reminded of how much food brings people together and how much I love eating with new people and learning about their lives. 

My first trip to France was great because I got to go to Paris. But this first day definitely beat my previous experience.  



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