Episode 6: Goodbye Iceland, Hello France

After finishing off my tour in Iceland, I woke up early (and by early I mean 330AM) to catch a shuttle to the airport for my flight to Paris. The transportation from Reykjavik to the airport is great because there is a shuttle that will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the airport about every 15 minutes. (Look up Fly Bus if you’re interested in utilizing that service)

I boarded another IcelandAir plane to Paris and dealt with my fear of Charles De Gaulle.  You see, I wasn’t staying in Paris.  I was landing in Paris only to find my way to a train station to travel about an hour and a half to a place called Metz.

I arrived in Paris and as per usual, I was confused.  CDG and I are still not friends.  It took me some time to find the bathroom to put in my contacts then to figure out where the train station was added about another 20 minutes to my journey.  Good thing I booked my train ticket to be about 2 hours after I landed in CDG.

I managed to find the train station and sat there and waited until our platform popped up on the little blue screen. One of the interesting things about the trains in France is that the platforms are really quick organized. But you have to wait until 15 minutes before your train arrives for the platform to show up.  So regardless how early you show up to the train station, you sit and wait until your train shows up. I managed to find my seat on a train, take it for 10 minutes only to get off at another station to catch yet another train.

I arrived in Metz without any major mishaps, walked out of the train station and then just stood there. Here’s the thing, I decided to go to Metz because one of my friends who lives in Thailand was going to be in France and I had decided that it was easier to go to France than Thailand, so I bought a ticket.  Well, with how great I am at planning, I realized that she was going to be in France for a wedding in this little town called Metz. Well, when you arrive in Metz by train, there’s not much to see.  In fact, as I was standing there outside of the train station, I was staring into French countryside. There were no buildings as far as the eye could see so I stood there and waited.

About 10 minutes into the wait, a car pulled up with a bunch of hands waving at me and the next thing I know, I was being welcomed to Metz by my friend, her boyfriend and his family. It was the perfect start to my France journey.



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