Episode 5 – Part 2: Stokkur Geyser, Iceland

After going to see just how resourceful Iceland is, we drove to the Stokkur Geyser.  Remember when I said that flying into Iceland was an adventure because it was brown and flat? Well driving to the Stokkur Geyer was no different.  When you pull up the where the geysers are, you can see the steam rising from the pools of water, but you don’t really see the geysers until you get much closer.  There’s a nice little trail that you can take up to the Stokkur Geyser and there you wait.

The geyser seems to go off pretty consistently every 7 – 10 minutes and you are essentially guaranteed to see it go off at least once. The geyser itself is roped off but you can stand along the edge to get a good view of the geyser when it erupts. One thing to note, keep in mind the direction of the wind.  There is definitely a section that always gets hit by the water so if you plan on standing over there, watch out because it’s hot water coming from the earth.

Standing around the geyser, you can take a look around and see a beautiful view.  There are snow covered mountains in the distance, the steam from the pools of water and land as far as the eye can see.  I was lucky that the weather was surprisingly nice while I was there.  Minimal clouds, sun and just a hit of wind. It is incredibly peaceful and beautiful to stand out there and see what mother nature can do.

Here’s a picture of the Stokkur Geyer erupting. I was prepping for the photo and the eruption happened so it caught me off guard. Don’t mind the fact that it’s slightly crooked, I may or may not have jumped slightly.



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