Episode 5-Part 1: Tomatoes in Iceland

Did you know that Iceland has delicious tomatoes? Did you know that they also have bees?

On my second day in Iceland, I went on a tour and our first stop was a greenhouse. Since Iceland is, well, cold and it has lots of natural wonders like geothermal heat; the country came up with a fantastic idea to create greenhouses using geothermal heat so that they could grow vegetables.  The greenhouse we went to was specifically for tomatoes. It’s interesting because you get off the bus and it’s cold, you walk into the greenhouse and people are wearing short sleeves and you immediately take off your jacket, scarves and roll up your sleeves.

This greenhouse was about 30 minutes outside of Reykjavik and it had some of the most delicious tomatoes I have had (outside of ones in Italy). When you walk in you see rows and rows of tomatoes.  They take you through the process of growing, what they need to do to keep them alive, they show the bees that they bring in to pollenate the tomatoes and they share some of the history and background of that greenhouse.  All while you sit at a table enjoying some homemade tomato soup, fresh bread with some basil you cut from the basil plants sitting on the table.

Given that I flew into what I thought was an all flat brown country it was really interesting to see the greenhouse.  It gives you a new appreciation for food, how accessible it is here, how much work goes into the food there and how awesome nature is that it can create something so cool. I mean, geothermal heat being used to grow tomatoes. It’s pretty cool.

Until the next part, I’ll be drooling over the memory of these tomatoes.


P.S. I’m channeling my inner Star Wars nerd with these episodes.


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