Episode 3: The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The first tour that I scheduled was visiting the Blue Lagoon.  Reykjavik Excursions has a great deal where they will pick you up from the airport and drive you to the Blue Lagoon and afterwards, they’ll drive you to a whole list of hotels in the city.

Driving to the Blue Lagoon was uneventful because, as I stated earlier, it’s flat and barren around that area. The drive is only about 30 minutes away and all you see are brown rocks outside of the window.  Then you pull up to a building surrounded by rocks where you can drop off your luggage and then make your way to the actual building that houses the showers and lockers.  It was quite an interesting experience because it was super windy and cold so running into the building was freezing. Then you change into your swimsuit with your towel and have to go back outside.  It’s only about 10 feet from the door to the edge of the Blue Lagoon, but it makes all the difference when you’re just covered with a swimsuit and a small towel.  But once you get into the lagoon, it’s absolutely amazing.

The Blue Lagoon is a light turquoise blue and with a cloud of steam rising above it.  As you’re standing in the lagoon, you can see the walkway around it where security is standing there bundled from head to toe which is a funny contrast to the people lounging in the water. Along the edges of the pool, there is mud that you can apply to your face and body to help exfoliate while you’re soaking in the water.

I decided to apply some of the mud which you leave on your face for about 5 to 10 minutes and then you wash it off.  When it’s super windy (like it was when I was there), your face is freezing while your body is nice and toasty. Up until then, I was loving the Blue Lagoon.  Then, I went to wash the mud off of my face and managed to get something in my eyes.

You see, I wear hard contacts so the instant anything gets in my eye, my eyes immediately tear up and try to flush whatever it is out.  I am really talented and got something in both eyes and had to stand in the middle of the Blue Lagoon sobbing.  Not because I was sad, but because it’s a natural reaction. I was temporarily blind and it took me about 20 minutes to walk the 10 feet to the stairs of the lagoon and make my way back into the locker room to take out my contacts. I’m pretty sure people thought I was crazy because I was sobbing of happiness or something while standing completely alone in the middle of a giant pool of water.

Even with the half an hour of pain, it was such a great experience.  I bought a sandwich and sat along a window looking out over the lagoon and the landscape.  It was so relaxing, especially after my eye debacle.  I highly recommend that everyone visits the Blue Lagoon even if you don’t want to go in.  Natural geothermal pools around Iceland are common if you don’t feel like going to the tourist attraction.

After my relaxing lunch, I caught the bus to Hotel Holt in Reykjavik where my adventure continued.

Until my next post, here’s a picture of the Blue Lagoon.



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