Episode 2: Flying into Iceland

I started my European whirlwind tour with Iceland. It was a random decision to add Iceland to my trip because it’s never really been on my list of must-see places until a friend went there last year and the pictures looked amazing. IcelandAir has this amazing deal where you can stop in Iceland for up to 7 nights without it affecting your airfare. You can check out stories and pictures on Twitter and Instagram via the hashtag “#mystopover.” I decided to look into this stopover and booked a trip on IcelandAir for my European adventure.

I have never looked into this country to see what they’re known for, to learn their history or even what I could possibly do on my stopover. Through the IcelandAir website, I saw that you could book tours and so I picked two on a whim and a hotel and that was it. I stopped worrying about my stopover in Iceland.

Flying into Iceland from North America was a very interesting experience. I was so excited for my tours and because this was my first stop on the trip, there was so much anticipation plus this was my first solo travel.  I would be hanging out in Iceland alone and wandering Reykjavik on my own. As we started our descent into the Keflavik Airport, I looked out the window and only saw clouds with just a little bit of the ocean. I have to admit that I’m not entirely sure if it was partially frozen while we were flying over it.  It looked like there were waves, but it also looked like it was just not moving which was interesting. As we broke through the clouds and I saw the coastline, my excitement built and then it plummeted as we got closer to the country.  All I saw was brown, flat land with nothing around it.  My first thought was “what have I done?!”  As I landed, I looked out the window and it was flat as far as the eye could see.  All I could think was, “Hello Iceland.  Let’s see what you’ve got to offer.” And this began my Iceland adventure.



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