Europe Adventure 2015: Episode 1-How it feels to be back

I’m officially back home after a short whirlwind tour in Europe. The original plan was to hit 4 countries and I managed to squeeze ina 5th. I always forget just how easy it is to hop around Europe. 

This trip was… Amazing. In fact, amazing may not even be the right way to describe it. I came back from this trip changed. Changed in the sense that I fell in love with another country that I want to visit every time I go to Europe, I got used to exploring alone, I tried things that I used to logically talk my way out of, stepped out of my comfort zone and proved to myself that I can do this. It also has left me with an antsy feeling in the sense that I have so much more I want to see.

My trip started with Iceland, then France, Luxembourg, Austria and ended in Denmark. 

Even though it was a whirlwind and I didn’t spend more than 72 days anywhere, I loved it. Now, I stare at my pictures and remember how it felt to be there in that moment. I haven’t shared all of them yet because I don’t think I have fully processed just how much each moment impacted me. 

Until I can find the words, here’s a taste of Iceland  



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