CDG-Paris airport

I wrote awhile back about how the Paris airport and I do not get along. I had to fly into Paris again on my whirlwind trip and it was just as confusing as last time, but what made it better was the amount of time I gave myself. I’m hanging out in the boarding area waiting to board my flight to Vienna. I gave myself a full two hours after the train to find my gate. Good thing I did that because finding the right terminal to go to, the right gate and airline to check in at was difficult. (This is what I get for booking through Kayak and having to check in with a different airline that operates that route).  The security was a breeze, the walk through the airport was easy. It was just having to figure out how to orient myself while everyone around me speaks in French. 

As much as this airport gives me trouble, it’s one of the most interesting ones I’ve been to. I feel like I hear a more diverse set of languages spoken here than anywhere else. The people to my right were skyping with their child in German, the family next to me speaks Korean and the older couple who stood in front of me for a brief moment we’re conversing in French. I love it.  

That being said, I have almost survived my second try at understanding CDG. Now I don’t feel as terrified and I will probably be more willing to book flights through here in the future. 

Tip: if you fly into CDG or you are flying out, look up your airline first to figure out the terminal. 

Tip: if you leave CDG by train to anywhere that is not Paris, be prepared for minimal English but the people who work in the train stations are helpful. 

Tip: don’t assume that you’ll be able to be super proactive with the trains. They don’t post the departing platform until 10-15 minutes before you leave. Sometimes less than that. 

Goodbye from Paris!


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