One country done, three to go 

My posts about this journey will be short and sweet until I can fully digest what I have seen and experienced. 

I started this trip in Iceland and it was probably the best decision. Iceland was never on my list until about last year during the peak of my travels. I was seeing an influx of people wandering over to Iceland and the photos were amazing. 

Now that I’ve experienced the country and what is has to offer, I’m in love. 

The people are friendly, they are easy going, and willing to help. The opportunities to see the breathtaking nature are endless and they make it so easy for you to take a tour into their world. At times I felt like I was in another world, a world in which nothing existed except me and nature. I stood at the edge of Gullfoss and stared at the waterfalls, the beautiful cliffs, the clear blue sky and the snow still caked along the ridges. And for a moment, nothing else mattered. It was a strange feeling but it was amazing. 

Now onto France. I’ll write more when I can. I have a feeling this trip will take forever to fully express in words. 


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