Preparing for International Travel

I love traveling internationally and there are about 15 things that I do in preparation for my international trip.

1. I get currency for that country. I have a giant fear that none of my cards will work and I will be stranded. Plus, it’s always so colorful so it feels like Monopoly money.

2. I start mentally packing the week before. I imagine the outfits I will wear, the clothes I will need and the events that I may or may not attend.

3. I start deciding which shoes to wear about a week in advance. I know this is ridiculous but as much as I love shoes, I have a limit on how many I am willing to bring on a trip. If the trip is up to 3 weeks, 2 pairs of shoes. If it’s more than 3 weeks then maybe 3 pairs of shoes but that’s pushing it. Shoes are just so annoying to pack. Unless they are Tieks, then they don’t count in the shoe limit.

4. I start buying excessive amounts of books. I want to stay entertained on the plane ride or in cafes.

5. I consume EVERYTHING I have in my fridge. I hate wasting food.

6. I deep clean my apartment. There’s something to be said about coming home from a long trip to a completely clean home.

7. I overbook myself. When I travel internationally, some part of me seems to feel like I won’t see the people I love for months so I make as many plans as possible.

8. I snapchat excessive amounts of my outfit possibilities and shoe choices to my friends. I love them for accepting my weirdness and inability to decide things on my own.

9. I panic. About everything.

10. I make a list of things I need to buy like a magnet for my mom.

11. I make lists and more lists and then lose all of them.

12. I clear out my phone so that I can ensure I have enough space to take lots and lots of pictures.

13. I binge watch as much TV as I can before I leave.

14. I buy excessive amount of travel size items only to bring them home and realize that I already have everything I need (happens every time. The travel section in Target is dangerous for me.)

15. I revert back to being 12 and become excessively hyper for two days straight running on no sleep because I’m too excited. This for some reason works really well because I crash on the airplane.

In a few short days, I head out to Iceland, France, Austria and Denmark. World, watch out.


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