21 reasons why I travel

In just a few short days I leave for my European adventure otherwise known as the “No-Sleep-Whirlwind-Tour” or the better known name of “Winny-Is-Bad-At-Planning-And-Got-A-Bit-Ambitious-When-She-Booked-This-Trip-So-She-May-Not-Remember-Any-Of-This-Trip-Due-To-Lack-Of-Sleep.”

I’m going to try to do a few posts before I leave to layout in writing my thought process as the panic sets and the trip gets closer and closer.

To start off, here are 21 reasons why I travel:

1. Food. Food is different everywhere and I love to eat.  It’s a great combination.

2. Scenery. I love seeing the world from airplanes, car windows, train windows, the dock of a ferry. Also, staring out the window helps with my motion sickness so there’s that.

3. Architecture. The buildings around the world are so different and all have so much history (whether the history is cool or not is a different story but there’s still history).

4. Food. Wait, I said that already. Eating. Yes, it’s different from food.  The experience of eating is different everywhere. I love going to Asia and eating from the street vendors, or sitting in cafe’s in Europe or some famous restaurant in New York City. It’s different everywhere you go and it’s always a fun surprise.

5. Getting lost.  Enough said. I get lost all the time on accident, and now I’ve come to embrace it.  Once it took me 4 hours to find my way back to where I was staying in Linares, Spain cause I couldn’t figure out where I was.  Please note, this is a town of less than 65,000 people.

6. Languages. I’m terrible at English, I’m terrible at Chinese, I’m terrible at learning languages. But I love hearing other people chat in other languages.

7. People watching. Yes, I sound like a creep.  I love people watching and seeing them interact with each other.

8. Shopping. Finding trinkets, clothes, magnets, bartering. The whole experience.

9. Graffiti. Yes, it sounds weird. But graffiti around the world is pretty awesome because everywhere has it but it’s such an interesting way of self-expression.

10. Culture. Whether it’s waking up early to go do all your grocery shopping in the summer because it’s too hot to leave the house after 10AM or not eating dinner until 10PM and finishing at 2AM, it’s all great.

11. Airplanes. These giant tubes hurdling people through the air are pretty freaking awesome.

12. Facts. You learn things when you travel. Things that are boring all the way to things that are mind blowing.

13. People. You meet some pretty amazing people when you travel.

14. Getting outside of the comfort zone. Traveling is exhilarating to me because it’s different every time and it’s a new experience every time, even if I’ve been to that place before.

15. Grounding. Traveling reminds me that there’s so much more to this world than my bubble.

16. Appreciation of my home. Traveling also makes me home sick, but it reminds me just how much I love my home when I’ve been away from the familiar for too long.

17. Humbling. Traveling reminds me that I know nothing, but it reminds me that I’m open to learning. It always reminds me that I need to appreciate what I have and the experiences that I have had.

18. Lessons learned.  I always learn something new. Like, running through trains is not a good idea. And bringing excessive amounts of electronics into another country looks really suspicious….

19. Pictures. I get to take pictures of things that amaze me so that I can revisit that place in my head over and over again (this makes me sound crazy but you know what I mean).

20. Learning more about myself. Like, I always tell people I love dogs.  That’s a lie, I love most dogs. I hate the dogs in Guatemala because they follow you and you get flea bites.

21. Time zone changes. Since I live in Seattle, we’re behind the vast majority of the world in terms of time zones. So when I travel, I can actually use the phrase “hello from the future!” Pretty cool.

Until next time, here’s to trying to get three weeks worth of homework done today so that I can enjoy my whirlwind experience!


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