I keep telling myself I’m going to be present in every moment. With the constant new technology and ways to connect with people it’s so easy to get lost in our phones. I do it all the time. In fact I’m typing this on my phone instead of talking to the people around me. 

That being said, I recently saw that Facebook updated and now has a section where you can actually see all the videos you have been tagged in. Videos appeared on my page from college and now I can relive experiences I semi forgot about (like learning how to salsa dance which was really me just stepping side to side with some strange hip movements…)

I also found videos of old friends, specifically ones that have left this world behind. And as much as I love being in the moment and being present with the people I love; I am so happy that someone caught some moments of their lives and shared them. It was good to hear their voices again and their laughs. It reminds me just how much I loved to hear them tell stories and laugh at their jokes or how silly others were being. 

Random thought of the day. 

Happy Friday world!


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