See ya later February

Today is the last day in February. Even after all this time, it’s still weird to recognize that this month is shorter than every other month.  I mean, I feel like I missed out on something even though it’s only two (sometimes three) days shorter than most other months.  That being said, here’s my recap of the short month.

I went to LA once this month for the “Perfect Together” by Rosanna Pansino premiere party.

Saw the most beautiful sunset flying home from LA that weekend:

Celebrated Chinese New Year by reviewing my steps and deciding that well…. I can actually manage to keep all of them this year because I (surprisingly enough) made achievable steps this year.

I booked a train ticket from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Metz, France which was really exciting but also terrifying because I have officially realized I leave in just over a month and I have done NO PLANNING.  But rumor has it, this trip will now include some wine tasting and a day trip to Luxembourg. um… What?

I spent a lot of this month reflecting…on everything.  2015 has turned out to be a year of extremes for me thus far.  When things are good, they are fantastic and when they are bad, it’s almost unbearable.  So February was my opportunity to basically lose control and figure out how to regain it.

I spent more time outside.  Seattle has been beautiful this month, minus the occasional rainy day.  Spring has started super early here and things are blooming. As I sit in a Starbucks right now, the sun is shining outside, there are hoards of people in here in workout gear making a pit stop from their walk down by Lake Washington. It’s really nice to see because when it’s sunny here, the entire city seems so lively and happy. Granted, right now this Starbucks is incredibly loud which is distracting but I’ll take the loud chatter any day.

Tomorrow is March.  Let’s see what the start of the month holds for the rest of this year.

Here’s to the end of February!


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