Art around the world

I love art. I love going to museums when I travel. I especially love seeing the way other cities decide to decorate. Last time I was in Taiwan was November 2011 and it was a nice little accidental art tour. We made a pit stop in Kaohsiung which had a huge art walk through warehouses along the water. But my favorite was visiting the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in the center of Taipei. My family and I went to see a performance but before going, we stopped to admire the art exhibit in the plaza. It was still a sunny day around 70 degrees (which apparently was super cold cause my grandma kept telling me to wear a jacket). The Greatness of Spirit exhibit by Li Chen was set up in the middle of the plaza. Check out the pictures there because mine don’t do it justice. But it was fascinating to stand next to these sculptures and read the stories behind them. I did a #throwbackthursday with this photo and it made me miss Taipei. I wonder what art will be around next time I’m there.



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