Perfect Together by Rosanna Pansino

Yesterday Rosanna Pansino released her first original song called “Perfect Together.”  It’s adorable. Check out the video here:

The video was directed/produced by Greg Aronowitz and the music was written by Kurt Hugo Schneider and Rosanna Pansino. And I had the wonderful opportunity to be an extra in this video and it was such a fantastic experience. We filmed the video at the YouTube Space LA and it was my first time being in something like this. It consisted of being surrounded by insanely talented and passionate people which is always inspiring and overwhelming.

I got the opportunity to experience what it was like working on a set, albeit just a small amount of working on a set.  I started off my days painting floors.  Then went straight to hair and make up.  Let’s just say that it took about 2 hours to get my hair done. With my heels and my hair, I was just short of 6 feet tall which is the tallest I will ever be in my life. After hair and make-up, we went through filming until about 9pm every night.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the pictures from our costumes.  I’ll share more later.

Take a look at the video, hope you love it.  Hope this weekend has been full of happiness and I’ll share more details later on the wonderful adventure.


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