Jamon and tinto de verano, take me back to Spain

I recently sat down with a few friends and we got to talking about traveling.  My friends are planning a trip to Spain (specifically Barcelona) and France later this year and the entire time all I could think was “I am so jealous!”

I was in Spain last year and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was the first time I bought a plane ticket on a whim, and my first time to Spain.  I had a friend who was teaching English over there and he had about 2 months left of his time there when I made the decision to go.  Given my inability to speak Spanish, I knew I had to take this opportunity to go visit him there and experience Spain from his perspective.

In my conversation with my friends about their upcoming trip, all I could talk about was the food.  Specifically the tinto de verano (their summer wine) and the jamon that you could get with the tapas.  One of the great little treasures I found out about southern Spain is that you can still get a plate of tapas for free with each beverage you purchase.  So I had the opportunity to try many different foods while we were there.  Most nights, we’d spend our dinners eating tapas for 4 to 5 hours and go home happy about to enter into our food comas.

I wish I was in Spain right now drinking summer wine.  It’s typically a house red wine mixed with lemon club soda and some lemon wedges.  Strange? No. Delicious? Yes. It’s like the cheap version of sangria.  It was my water while I was there (mainly because I received strange looks from everyone when I ordered water…) I also wish I was sitting in Granada overlooking the Alhambra eating some delicious plates of ham (jamon).  I have yet to find cured ham here that could make up for the what I had in Spain.


Until then I can figure out a way to go back, I’ll just stare at my pictures and pretend.


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